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Who are we? is the modern high street, a mixture of physical and online independent businesses providing an online destination for bricks and mortar shops to gain an online presence and for existing online stores to reach new customers.

We are a shopping website and marketplace where people can buy goods direct from Great British independent retailers like boutiques, independent shops and online stores, all in one place.

If you want to reach people shopping for unique gifts, high-quality products and items that come from actual UK businesses then being part of our community is right for your business.

Why sell with us?

We aim to be the UK's largest indepenent retailer hub

By choosing to sell through DownYourHighStreet, you join a fast-growing community of independent retailers coming together to build the UK's largest independent retailer hub.

We combine the ease and variety of a marketplace like Amazon with the personal feel and service of your local high street shop and put your business in front of thousands of new customers who are willing to spend more to support independent businesses.

For smaller online sellers struggling to display on Google, being part of a more visible marketplace such as DownYourHighStreet means you benefit from our online and multimedia marketing prowess resulting in more customers and more sales.

Whether you run an online store or high street boutique, join us today for a 14 day free trial.


Target New Customers

Open your business to thousands of high-quality customers looking to support independent businesses.


Increase Visibility

Get your business seen by thousands more customers than is possible on your website alone.

increase sale

Increase Sales

Join our fast-growing shopping destination and watch your sales grow.

How does it work?

For High Street Retailers

Reach Customers beyond their usual locality

Drive customers in-store with click and collect

Only 15% commission on sales, no joining fee

Integrations to couriers for easy shipping

Offer ‘Buy Now & Pay Later’ and still be paid on the same terms

For Online Retailers

Open your business to thousands of new customers

Integrations to couriers for easy shipping

Only 18% commission on sales

Offer ‘Buy Now & Pay Later’ and still be paid on the same terms

Seamlessly integrate with Shopify!

Import products from your Shopify website to DYHS

Real time changes from your Shopify website to DYHS, such as stock, price, and other product details

Automatically send orders from DYHS to your Shopify Orders page, therefore reducing your stock on Shopify

Include Shipping details and product VAT information when DYHS orders show on Shopify

Shopify will update the matching DYHS order status, such as 'cancelled' or 'fullfilled' if you can an order status

Plus many other integrations including

Online seller Rarebrix grew their GBP turnover by 8% in their first year with us


Authorized LEGO Retailer specialising in genuine LEGO sets, parts and figures


Add to total GBP turnover in 2020 after joining DownYourHighStreet


Turnover forcast to rise significantly again

How we're already helping High Street Retailers


Integrated Giddy Goat toys website on DYHS on Aug 2019


Sales in the first month (24x online sales increase, 50 new customers)


Sales on DYHS in 2020 to 2,541 customers

6 Weeks

The average time young parents prefer to spread their purchase over with our Clearpay payment method, increasing their average order


A Traditional Children's Toy Shop in Manchester

Integrated Giddy Goat Toys website to DYHS in August 2019. £2,400 of sales in the first month (24x online sales increase, 50 new customers). In 2020, £89,000 of sales on DYHS to 2,541 customers. Young parents prefer to spread their purchase over 6 weeks with our Clearpay payment method, increasing their average order.


Giddy Goat Toys shop

Using DYHS updated real-time integration should really help us with stock levels as we sell from our bricks and mortar store and our own e-commerce site in real-time too all drawing from our Shopify stock inventory. But with our other marketplace partners that work approx 6 to 8 hours behind our real-time sales some orders can result in out of stock items for their customers' orders. Another plus with DYHS real-time integration will be that all our latest products that we upload to our Shopify system will be live and available for sale sooner on the DYHS site than our other marketplaces partners.


Born Store

Down Your High Street have been absolutely incredible. The whole team are so helpful and friendly. The whole ethos of DYHS is supporting independent businesses and they excel in this area. With their help and support, they have managed to help drive my business to become more recognised and well known. I have also had the added bonus of appearing on ITV's Lorraine programme as part of Mark Heyes's Top 10 Independent Retailers thanks to Down Your High Street.


Azzediari Boutique

join them in selling with us

We are on TV!

ITV Matching Dog Accessories & Bag

Catch Lorraine and Mark Heyes sharing these matching handmade leather items. Get yours today!

DYHS Featured on Lorraine and Artichoke featured on the ITV Lorraine Show, hosted by Mark Heyes.

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Frequently Asked By Retailers

Why is this only for independent retailers?
We believe that independent UK High Street retailers are the lifeblood of the UK economy, and offer such a unique shopping experience that by bringing them together we can supply a shopping experience like no other for the customer while providing worthwhile revenue streams to help retailers thrive.
How do we define what an independent retailer is?
An independent retailer is a physical shop that is independently owned. Most commonly these will be boutiques and other independent shops on the high st, however, this also counts for shops that are off the beaten track. We may request photographic proof of a customer-facing physical business during a seller's application to sell on the platform.
Can I use my own delivery methods?
Yes, you can offer any delivery method you choose, and set the price to the customer. You can also use our integrated delivery service with Parcel2go. See more here.
Can I offer click & collect?
Yes, the customer pays online and you can notify them when it's ready to be collected. We strongly encourage using this feature to encourage customers to visit the store in person.
How do I get paid?
Directly into your bank account roughly 18 days after the sale, minus the commission on the sale. This way you can request your invoices on a monthly or quarterly bases and have no need to transfer any additional funds to us.
How long do website integrations take?
In most cases, literally a few minutes. The first step is to sign-up and then inform the DYHS team that you want to integrate. If we don't have a pre-built connection to your website type we can often find a way to get you connected. Pre-built integrations include Shopify, Wordpress, Magento V2, EKM, and Wix. You can also populate your products using a product feed such as a Google feed, or a spreadsheet.
Can I cancel my profile?
Yes. Although even just having your business listed with us can increase your visibility online so before you cancel please inform us of why and maybe we can help. If you still would like to leave, your account will stay active for 4 weeks to allow for any customer communication or orders to be closed.
What happens with returns?
Customers can return their order with no reason needed within 14 days of the day it was received. Returns are sent back to the retailer's registered shop address.
How do discounts work on the site?
If offers a promotion or discount to a customer without pre-arrangements with the retailer, then DYHS pays for the discount. This typically happens with the 10% off first order promotion we offer.
How does the commission work?
Commission is charged on the product value only, not the shipping value.
How do transactions work?
Transactions are made on the platform, and orders are fulfilled by the retailer. Retailers can view their orders in their account dashboard.
How do I deal with queries about shipping?
Retailers can use their own shipping or the DYHS integrated shipping. If a retailer's own shipping is used then the retailer is liable for losses and will have to communicate with the customer to resolve the issue. Failure to do this will lead to the retailer's account being closed or the order being refunded at the cost to the retailer. If DYHS shipping is used then we handle the claim with our courier partner and communicate with the customer.
How can I get help with customers/orders? support can be contacted on during the standard working hours of Monday – Friday, 9am - 5pm.
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...there has been a resurgence of interest in shipping locally and supporting small and independent businesses.", which helps independent retailers create an online shop, has seen a huge increase in business with more retailers moving online in one day (Monday 2nd Nov) than in whole of January 2020

The shops already signed up have had a great amount of success, They typically earn up to £500 on their first month of joining. Some have been made sales as high as £450,000 over a 12-month period - which is very impressive.