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All our products are from independent UK street shops

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Why Sell on

We are uniquely positioned in the marketplace:


Unique products

The highest percentage of local, unique products: only 1/3rd of our products can be found elsewhere on the Net


Best Price

Best price on the Net on 30% of our products


Variety of goods

The large variety of sectors covered: toys & games, gaming, fashion, beauty, home, food & drink, artisan, gifts, …

Our Solution

Marketplace for Independent High Street Retailers with a Unique Product Offering


Online Shop Window to the High Street


Unique Product Offering

Neither offered by large online retailers nor the likes of Amazon or eBay


Seamless Connection of Existing Websites and EPOS Systems


Low Commission and Fast Payments


What TV says about us

ITV Matching Dog Accessories & Bag

Catch Lorraine and Mark Heyes sharing these matching handmade leather items. Get yours today!

DYHS Featured on Lorraine and Artichoke featured on the ITV Lorraine Show, hosted by Mark Heyes.


We have teamed up with global payments company Visa and a number of partners to to help take your business online. View the campaign here

As part of this campaign, in response to COVID-19, are offering new sign ups to the platform to pay no monthly subscription fee for 12 months and only pay the commission when you sell.

No monthly fee will be charged for the first 12 months after joining, after which the monthly fee will return to the standard cost of £10 per month.


Choose your Plan

COVID-19 No Monthly Fee



Sell globally with no limits. Benefit from a completely unrestricted profile with integrations to all major websites. This account is usually £10 per month but is now free to support retailers through COVID-19.

Unlimited products

Unlimited revenue

Transaction fee: 15% + VAT

Shop Profile

Town Page, Local Sales Only



List your shop on your local Town page and offer click & collect or local delivery

Unlimited products

Unlimited revenue

Transaction fee: 7.5% + VAT

Shop Profile

How It Works


For Consumers


Access to the UK
high street


Unique Product Offering

Only 15% product duplication with other marketplaces


Modern payment

Apple Pay, Clearpay (buy now/pay later)


Search for niche products by

Price, Name, Location (postcode/GEO), Boutique


One point of contact for boutiques all over the UK

For High Street Retailers


For High Street Retailers


Reach Customers beyond their usual locality


Drive Customers in online store with Click & Collect, protecting against declining footfall


Only 15% commission on sales, no joining fee


Integrations to couriers for easy shipping


Offer ‘Buy Now & Pay Later’ and still be paid on the same terms


How our Marketplace helps High Street Retailers

GIDDY GOAT TOYS, a Traditional Children’s Toy Shop in Manchester, UK

  • Integrated Giddy Goat Toys website to DYHS in August 2019
  • £2,400 of sales in the first month (24x online sales increase, 50 new customers)
  • £50,000 of sales on DYHS to 1,100 customers
  • Young parents prefer to spread their purchase over 6 weeks with our Clearpay payment method, increasing their average order

It’s great to have another sales channel where I am not having to do the SEO work, marketing and taking the risk with fraudulent orders.


Giddy Goat Toys shop

ARTICHOKE BOUTIQUE, a Shop in Swaffham, UK

  • £26,000 of sales since joining DYHS this year
  • Own website sales increased by £12,000 in 1 month
  • Featured on ITV twice as a DYHS retailer
  • Now creates product videos in her shop that the DYHS team use to promote her products

Sarah made more with DYHS in 1 month than the previous year on her own site

Sarah Simonds

Artichoke Boutique

Frequently Asked By Retailers

How has COVID-19 affected sales?
All of our retailers continued to trade online with us and we had a steady influx of sales. April was actually busier than Christmas in terms of total sales. Toys & Games remained our strongest selling category when people are encouraged to stay indoors and reduce outside social activity, and when Amazon suspends deliveries of nonessential products including toys:
Can i use my own delivery methods?
Yes, you can offer any delivery method you choose, and set the price to the customer. You can also use our integrated delivery service with Parcel2go. See more here.
Can i offer click & collect?
Yes, the customer pays online and you can notify them when it's ready to be collected. We strongly encourage using this feature to encourage customers to visit the store in person.
How do i get paid?
Directly into your bank account roughly 18 days after the sale, minus the commission on the sale. This way you can request your invoices on a monthly or quarterly bases and have no need to transfer any additional funds to us.
Why is this only for independent retailers?
We believe that independent UK High Street retailers are the lifeblood of the UK economy, and offer such a unique shopping experience that by bringing them together we can supply a shopping experience like no other for the customer while providing worthwhile revenue streams to help retailers thrive.
How long do website integrations take?
In most cases, literally a few minutes. The first step is to sign-up and then inform the DYHS team that you want to integrate. If we don't have a pre-built connection to your website type we can often find a way to get you connected. Pre-built integrations include Shopify, Wordpress, Magento V2, EKM, and Wix. You can also populate your products using a product feed such as a Google feed, or a spreadsheet.
Can i cancel my profile?
Yes. Although even just having your business listed with us can increase your visibility online so before you cancel please inform us of why and maybe we can help.