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It all started on the High Street...’s creation in early 2013 was a result of our founders’ concern at the decline of their local high street and the subsequent adverse knock-on effects to the local economy.


The .com bubble has allowed globally renowned e-commerce brands to offer a wide range of lifestyle products, through mass marketing, however, these powerful platforms do not capture the individuality of independent high street shops and boutiques, such as bookshops, furniture designers, clothing retailers and more. Consequently, the impact on the local high street has been devastating.

With our founder’s retail business backgrounds, they decided to conduct some localized research into understanding how the seemingly unstoppable trend of e-commerce was having a detrimental effect on local business.

This research showed that consumers were increasingly being driven by convenience and opting for the ease of online shopping from home. This seemed, therefore, to be an obvious opportunity to offer the consumer a personal shopping experience as would be experienced with a passionate independent retailer in person, but with the convenience of online shopping. At the same time, this would allow consumers to continue to support the local high street and, indeed, other independent retailers nationwide.

To attempt to fill this huge gap in the market and enable independent high street retailers to showcase their products to a national audience online, DYHS has produced a (beta) platform to rival the e-commerce giants, sourcing unique products from real shops, owned and run by real people whose personal touch, hard work and dedication creates a unique and real experience for their valued customers.

Since launching the official DYHS website in August 2019, we have seen a phenomenal response to supporting independent high street retailers all over the United Kingdom. Demand has grown way beyond our expectation and has brought DYHS to the point it finds itself today, with a now continuous flow of independent retailers subscribing to the website.

Our passion and mission is to not only preserve the Great British high street, but to breathe new life into it and bring it back to its former glory, be that online or otherwise. And we are proud that many of our subscribers say that DYHS has saved their livelihoods and enabled them to prepare for reopening once the latest lockdown is lifted.

We enjoy hearing from customers how they find DYHS helpful to find what they need, or to provide the inspiration they need when making purchases, without having to use the well-known e-commerce brands who do not support UK physical businesses.

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