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How it works...
At checkout, select Clearpay
as payment method
No new cards, use your own
existing payment card
Simply complete your checkout
No long forms,
instant approval online
Pay over four simple instalments
Pay every 2 weeks, enjoy your
View Orders + Make Payments
After your order has been processed, you can log in
to your account to view your orders, make payments
and manage account details.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clearpay?

How do I use Clearpay?

Where can I use Clearpay?

Can I use Clearpay if I’m an international customer?

How does the Clearpay payment schedule work?

What if I can’t pay a Clearpay instalment?

When will my items be delivered if I use Clearpay?

Is there a limit to how much I can spend on a single Clearpay transaction?

Can I use another form of payment with Clearpay?

What products are not eligible for Clearpay?

How do I return or exchange an item purchased with Clearpay?

Visit the Clearpay website here for a comprehensive list of FAQs and check out Clearpay’s Privacy Policy found here. If you have a question about your Clearpay account, please contact the free Clearpay customer support line at +44 808 164 9707 or use the contact form found here.
*Your payment schedule will be emailed to you. If funds are not available at the time an automatic payment is due, you will be charged a late fee of £6. If left unpaid an additional seven days, another fee of £6 will be charged. However, total late fees will not exceed £36 or 25% of the total order (the lesser amount).
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